Getting started

A subscription to TrendMaster comes with market scanners. What are those?
When you bought TrendMaster you've probably seen market scanning bots being mentioned. But what are they and how does it work? The first thing you will need to do to make the most of these market scanners is to join our Discord. When you signed up you probably already did that and depending on the package you purchased you will see a variety of market scanners.
By now you've probably learned about TrendMaster and what conditions lead to a buy or sell order being placed. If you haven't, please go check out the TrendMaster Basics section first!
Because it can become quite a time-intensive process to manually check each coin on the supported exchanges for a signal we've decided to automate this process. Our market scanning bots run every 4 hours, 1 day and 1 week, and use the exchange APIs to check whether or not a TrendMaster signal has formed. If it has, it will report this in the appropriate channel.
The TrendMaster 4H bot, showing some signals it found.
Unfortunately, our market scanning bots are not perfect. Because of limitations in the exchange APIs we use to gather candle data we have fewer data available to us than TradingView does. Some minor deviations may, therefore, occur where the bot reports or doesn't report a signal when compared to TradingView. This is especially noticeable in low sat coins. When in doubt, we advise using the indicator on TradingView as the leading factor.