Market scanner components

Each market scanner item has a lot of information contained within it. This is where we explain what it all means.
As the screenshot shows there are two visually distinct signals given.
Market scanner bots for the Premium plan.

Start of trend vs. continuation

A bold signal indicates a signal that is preceded by an invalidated signal. This means that a start of trend (or end when it's a red signal) is likely. A signal that isn't bold can be treated as a trend continuation signal, meaning that the trend has already been going on for a longer period of time. The icon in front of the signal also signifies this same concept. An icon with an arrow pointing up or down indicates a start of trend signal. An icon with no arrow means a continuation signal.
This distinction is also visualized in the indicator by using the Signal Style setting.
Each signal comes with a link to the exchange pair and a TradingView chart for that specific coin and timeframe. Clicking the link will open these in your browser, allowing you to act upon our signals quickly.

Candle range

Additionally, each signal reports the Range of the candle. This is the distance from the bottom to the top of the candle (or vice versa for red signals), indicating how impulsive the move that triggered the signal is. Generally the higher this value the lower your risk/reward will be. We also include Volume as a component in the signal. This shows the volume for that specific candle in its quote currency. Both can be used in your risk management to adequately position yourself.