Pro: Market scanner components

More components, because it's Pro.
By now you've probably learned about TrendMaster Pro and the conditions this indicator uses. If you haven't, please read up on the advantages of the Pro indicator over the Premium one.

MokuMaster and KishokuMaster

The Pro bots have a few additional components over the regular Premium ones. For our Pro market scanners, all of our indicators are in these signals through the use of icons at the start of each signal.
  • TrendMaster - Green or red signal.
  • MokuMaster - Current state matching colors in the indicator.
  • KishokuMaster - Black or white depending on the trend.

Signal assessment through A, AA or AAA

Each signal also gets an additional distinction in the form of an A, AA or AAA rating. This signifies the quality of the signal based on all the indicators in our suite and their confluence with one another. This is explained further here: