Getting started

Setting up MokuMaster and how to get started.

What is MokuMaster?

MokuMaster is an advanced indicator built on Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. Perhaps the most powerful function of Ichimoku charts is their depiction of trend conditions at a single glance. This is likely the original purpose of the technique, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo loosely translates to "one glance equilibrium chart". When examining charts we use Ichimoku to determine directional bias. Should we be, 'Resolutely bullish', 'Bullish', 'Neutral', 'Bearish' or 'Resolutely Bearish'.

These categories are derived from the interactions between Price, the Tenkan-sen, the Kijun-sen, the Kumo and the Chikou Span. This can be overwhelming if you are not an accomplished Ichimoku trader. MokuMaster allows you to view these interactions without the difficulty of interpreting what they mean. The definitions displayed below demonstrate how to use MokuMaster to determine directional bias.

  • Bright Green - Resolutely Bullish

  • Green - Bullish

  • Blue - Neutral

  • Pink - Bearish

  • Red - Resolutely Bearish

MokuMaster is designed to assist traders in establishing directional bias and not to replace traditional entry and exit techniques. We recommend using it in conjunction with TrendMaster for best results.

A chart showing off all the stages MokuMaster identifies.