TrendMaster Pro components

Another indicator, combining all our indicators into 1.

This is an indicator exclusively offered to our Pro members. When added to a chart it's essentially identical to TrendMaster. However, within it, both MokuMaster and KishokuMaster are contained.

Where can I see KishokuMaster?

The chart has a slight background color which indicates the KishokuMaster black and white colors.

KishokuMaster background coloring.

Where can I see MokuMaster?

By enabling the Display EMA trend is based on? setting you will get the default TrendMaster EMA. This EMA has been colored to match the existing MokuMaster colors and uses the same criteria to color it.

MokuMaster visualized in Equilibrium X.

Two more unique features

TrendMaster Pro has two more features not existing in any of our other indicators. Because this indicator combines all three parts of our suite we can classify signals from within the indicator using the same AA/AAA classification as already talked about in the previous sections of this Equilibrium documentation. This classification is shown when enabling Show Position Sizing in the indicator settings.

Position sizing showing AA or AAA.

We also added TradingView alerts for both Bullish and Bearish AA / AAA signals.

Alerts for Equilibrium X.