TrendMaster Equilibrium

TrendMaster Equilibrium is designed to be used in concert with TrendMaster. Here's how!

Achieving Equilibrium

TrendMaster Equilibrium is designed to display the prevailing trend as determined by MokuMaster and KishokuMaster. It can be used to provide confluence when assessing a TrendMaster signal. If MokuMaster is Bright Green (Resolutely Bullish), and KishokuMaster is white (Bullish) it is Strongly advised that analysts only consider long positions.
All of this is also built into TrendMaster Pro, but we have separated it out into its own indicator for people who like the aesthetic of having this information in separate indicators.
The assessment of these signals is explained further here:


The application of this logic can be seen in the annotated chart below. Bitcoin (BTC) prints six Long Signals, of which only two satisfy AAA criteria. This can be very useful for analysts wishing to focus only on the highest probability entries.