When not to enter a trade?

TrendMaster signals entry conditions, but not all of them should be treated equal.
TrendMaster is a discretionary strategy, meaning that not all signals should be blindly followed and human judgement plays a crucial factor in deciding which signals are worth trading. Taking every signal would be a recipe to blow out your account in an instant. There are a few scenarios where a TrendMaster signal is better left alone. We would like to reiterate that it's your choice in the end, but here are a few scenarios where we wouldn't trade a signal.

Alarmingly high signal candles

Since the cryptocurrency space is one of high volatility a coin can suddenly pump an alarming amount, making it leave a possible downtrend immediately and forming a buy signal. Its best to manually filter out these kinds of signals, because the risk/reward profile of trading it is most likely not in your favour. An example can be seen in the chart below.
A signal candle spanning 100% profit on that single day.
This signal candle spans a 2x increase in price on a single day. Putting an order on top of the wick would've kept you out of the trade in this case, but it's best not even placing an order for this kind of candle.