Creating an alert

How to create an alert based on a TrendMaster condition.
Start off by locating a chart that you want to set an alert for. Choose your desired timeframe and right-click the main chart area. An option called "Add Alert (price)" should appear. Click it and a new dialog will appear allowing you to set up the alert.
Add an alert by right-clicking the chart.
In the Condition field, you will need to select TrendMaster Premium. This changes the layout of the screen somewhat, giving you two additional dropdown boxes. The top right one allows you to specify a component of the indicator that you want to check for a specific value, such as the upper and lower cloud border. The second dropdown allows you to pick what type of event needs to happen to that component for the alert to trigger, such as crossing down a certain value. The other values in this dialog all relate to the timing and delivery of the event and are not TrendMaster specific. They speak for themselves, so won't be clarified further right now.
Creating a new alert on TradingView.
Additionally, the second dropdown has additional options specific to TrendMaster. These give you the possibility to set an alert whenever a TrendMaster specific event happens. When using any of these additional options, the dropdown on the top right where you pick a component of the indicator is completely ignored.
Set the alert to "Once Per Bar Close" for optimal results.
We do advise to put the Once Per Bar Close option on, since you might receive a lot of alerts when an active candle is ranging between becoming a signal candle or not. TrendMaster acts on the candle close, which is why setting this option is preferred.
An alert received through e-mail indicating a TrendMaster short triggered.